Sneak Peeks

Starting today we will be having sneak peeks of whats (and who’s) in store for Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire!!

Today we have Prem Sagar and Pooja displaying multiple hands-on and interactive projects made by their team ‘Banaao’. From making amazing designs with a simple sewing thread or using your soap for 3D model making, they have something for everyone! Check out a preview of their work below!

pic1 Video1

Today we have Gaurav Patekar, an interaction designer and a maker. His interest involves working explorations of kinetic sculptures, where visitors can observe the motion as well as the mechanisms driving it! Check out a preview below:

IMG_2174 IMG_2179 IMG_2181

Today we have young Sarah Elizabeth Paul from the fifth grade, presenting her cool invention – the Arduino based burglar detector and photo capturer!
Catch this and more live at the Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire!

IMG_20150928_134445 IMG_20150928_134500 IMG_20150928_135714 IMG_20150928_135812

Next up in the list of Makers for Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire is Paul G D’Souza, who has invented a low cost ‘Refreshable Braille Display’ for the visually impaired! This device is the tactile equivalent of an E-Reader for the visually impaired, controlled by an Arduino and currently being upgraded to use a Beagle Bone. Here is a sneak peek  of his invention!

P1100288 P1100291 P1200111

First up is Mr. Tr Raghunandan, a hobbyist who is interested in building detailed scale models using recycled materials at low cost; focusing on models of Indian Railway locomotives in 1:16 scale. Here is a sneak peek of his invention!
Stay tuned for more and get your tickets soon!!

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